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Our students work very hard to complete task after task to reach their goal: creating robots that function perfectly. But to make robots, we need many resources. Metal, Plexiglass, bolts and nuts, tools, wires…there is so much we need to make robotics a success.


Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, ILITE is able to continue participating in the US FIRST Program. The investments we receive from supporting companies are extremely valuable. By investing in our team, they are also investing in the future by providing us with the resources necessary to inspire future generations to grow and learn. We are nothing short of extremely grateful for their support.

Through their donations our students continue to be a determined, constantly evolving, and award-winning team. The improvement of education in STEM that is developed by this program is securing students’ futures and providing them with everything necessary to achieve. Your commitment as a sponsor is investing in the future generation.

Time and Talents

We also appreciate companies that donate their time and talents to us. They are highly valued in our growing community, and greatly affect our team by providing time out of their busy lives. Students interact with experienced professionals that provide intellectual and helpful advice. These mentors teach students about new technologies and better ways to reach goals and accomplishing tasks within a deadline. They also emphasize the importance of teamwork, following directions, and formulating plans, all while producing solutions to possible and probable difficulties existing in the real world, ultimately making this experience a worthwhile endeavor.