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We are FRC Team 1885

We are a team founded on the principles of leadership, teamwork, and academic rigor. Through competitions, outreach, and mentorship we passionately advocate for science and technology in our schools, communities, and throughout the world.

Our Mission & Vision


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ILITE Class of 2016 Brings Home Honors and Scholarships The exiting class of ILITE Seniors have received scholarships totalling to more than $200,000 and include outstanding academic performance, a valedictorian, summa cum laude recipients, and much more. READ MORE?
Strong Performance @ World Championships In its 12th year qualifying at the World Championships, ILITE won the Industrial Design Award and conducted an inaugural conference on effective student leadership in FRC Teams. ILITE placed 11th in the Curie Division with 7-2-1 record.
ILITE @ World Championships 2016 ILITE does it again! FRC Team 1885, ILITE qualified for the World Championships, a 12 year streak, after winning it at the district and regional levels. ILITE has also won the Entrepreneurship and the Industrial Design regional Awards.

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